Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Few days ago I had bad day, Since a nite 24/4 until 25/4 whole day!
Idk, how to say and share it to you guys, I just hard to recover, my life, friends, love and my work. Is dumped me into pieces on that thay. I hope next day I feel better than today and I can fix any problem comes over.

I feel so far with God, this few days, I want go back to my childhood, I have full parents who caring me and teach me how to 'mengaji' and 'sholat'. And I know why we must have faith in one religion. I miss you daddy :(

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boys Boys Boys

Boys Stuff!
Look up, I found this on jakandjill.com
first, lots sneakers, for everyoutfit I have. Go to work and outstanding!

second, Belt! yes Belt belt belt, do you think this is Hermes?? Idk, but I dont think so. But effortless!

third, watches watches ow so cute, lots vintage wathces! i wanna have ones, tom ford, DKNY, and many more

fourth, Perfume, Prada gimme ones :(

fifth, jacket for Jakarta hot rainy season. Lol

love story-

When I shed my first tears, my memories of you are always beautiful.

And I will reminise those memories when we used to be happy together.

Your smile as pure as first snow and warm of your heat body I can’t figure it out.

I will cherish these memories when we were together, please dont ever try to forget even it we can’t be together.

Please don’t cry as I’ll be forever in your heart. Dont be sad over the past.

I owe you my gratitude, my love even if ain’t be your side, you must be happy.

Kings Of Convenience - Failure

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I love these pictures, dont you ?? Lol


Heyy world i know i am so lame, but anyway this is my new blog !
please forget about fbook notes, kinda thingy and sucks.
Baru terinspirasi sejak baca blog blog org lain dan baru mulai skg hahaha
Please give me an advice Idk wht must i do woth this site. I am bbm and twitter freak ! Lol
New thing always give me new waves, hopefully.
And dear readers pls dont be boring with my story, love story most hehe.
Kisses, Iyang

But hey everybody shoutttt!!
Welcome :)