Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sound so lame and preppy but no, I am so optimistic.

My saadness was leave, at least I hope so.
Gawd, I want my happiness sound so preppy and hopeless but no!
I am so optimistic.
I had trouble with my dream, I will enter college This fall, but I dont want to.
I think this is not my major, I want to be an editor, I like to learn about journalism.
I want to be a Floght Attendant, but I am too short and skiny hell yeah HRGR!

Yesterday I had an interview for Flight Attendant in one of jerky uname airlplane company, but the HRD-officer told to me that I am too skinny. Even he didnt read my CV nor asking my achivement or my capable in french or german either.

Ikhlas. But I feel so releive that I've tried. So i will stay in my work. Kidzania. My best and my jerk!
But I love it. And hate it.
Why i said so, I had lots tension frm my supervisor, they have strict unlogical rules.
If you are one of our customer you will see our fake happiness face.
Our owner is everything I know it, but please we are human, we sumtimes fall and up.
We sumtimes broke and succeed. We know what we have to do, and we dont.
We are not a kid, I am 18yo boys. I know what i suppossed todo.

Sound so lame and preppy but no, I am so optimistic.

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