Sunday, November 7, 2010


Here's place where I dig, I find lack of money. not much, but enough.

From here I can pay my school fee and help my self to buy anything I want.

Life never be easier when you grows up. Its harder. Seriously.

Phatetic but yeah life as we goes it.

But here I can find love, laugh, happiness tears and many. good friends nice workmates. I heart this. From pilot to creative director. Hey you can be whatever you want here. This is the best theme park. good concept, cool place. I wont leave. Its been a year I am being here. And yes I wont leave, never.

Here its is, Kidzania. Te quiero!


  1. sweet btul ama ka LULU :p

  2. emang yang namanya lulu yang mana hey bocah :P